~WINTER 2015~

Rock Island Engine 1275 Project continues

The Eldon Depot Committee continues to develop the 1275 Engine project. The engine has now been joined by an original Rock Island flatcar which has been placed between the engine and the caboose. The engine and flatcar have been moved back into their permanent location which allows the depot to remain in view and be signal appropriate. Two sets of stairs with landings and safety fencing have been installed which provide safe access onto the engine. The engine lights are now functioning which look amazing during night hours. There remains some electrical work to be done which will permit operation of the bell and whistle. This “train” is an impressive sight along the walking trail in front of the depot.

Other Development Plans and Progress

The committee plans to begin further development of the outdoor space between the depot and the depot annex building this summer. This includes a green space, lighting, sidewalk, landscaping and improvement to Jerry Fackler’s memorial site. Two informational signs depicting the KD railroad crossing and location of the original roundhouse are completed and are also awaiting warm weather for placement.

Work has begun on cataloging and identifying items on display at the depot. Our goal is to make it easier for visitors to identify items by name and function and to improve their museum experience.

Utilizing Friends of the Depot

The depot committee recently discussed the utilization of “friends of the depot” members. Currently, we have a nice list of individuals who donate $10 or more yearly to become friends of the depot. While the monetary support is critical, we realize we may be missing the bigger resource of these friends which is the sharing of ideas and involvement in the activity of the depot. While the board is responsible for the decision making of the operations of the depot, we are not all inclusive to ideas and support. Help is always welcomed. We would like to invite all friends of the depot to attend our monthly meetings which are held on the third Sunday of each month at 1:30 PM at the depot.

Weekend Hours Resume in Spring

Winter will soon be a memory and we can move forward with our spring and summer projects. Week-end hours will return in the spring, but remember you can access the depot by appointment during the winter months. Contact us here.