~SUMMER 2013~

Improvements to the Building and Grounds

We continue to work on improvements to our building and grounds and are happy to report that several projects have now been completed. The waiting room has a new hardwood floor and a new window which looks out toward the new green space. The exterior of the building has been re-painted and exterior repairs made. A fence made from salvaged rail was made around the Doodle Bug loading site. Work on insulating the building and adding a second furnace and air-conditioning system will begin soon. We wish to thank our volunteers who helped complete these projects. Thanks to Robin Franklin, Joe Eakins, Mike Thomas, Frank Ward, Jim Fligg, Merle Sedore, Alan Morrison, Roger Gosnell, Fred Thomas, Jim Bedford, David Wright and Gene Stacey.

Gothic Days Celebration

Gothic Days 2013 was very successful. The depot saw many visitors, including families of former Rock Island Railroad employees, which is what the Eldon Depot is all about. We were fortunate to have Don Harness display his extensive dinner ware collection from the Rock Island passenger service during Gothic Days. The display was impressive and enjoyed by many. Our miniature train carried some of our former Rock Island Railroad employees (our greatest resource) in the parade. We also gave free train rides later in the day.

More Donations

The depot continues to receive donations, the last being a monkey tail signal bonding drill from Alan Seeger.

Open Hours for the Depot

The depot will be open on Saturday afternoons from 1 PM to 4 PM for visitors during the summer season. We are hopeful to see many of you there. We also continue to be open for coffee weekday mornings.