~SPRING 2015~

Track Laying and Loco Hunting

The Depot is in the midst of numerous projects this spring. We have recently completed the installation of additional track in front of the depot. The track was extended to the east and west of the caboose which will allow us to expand our rail car exhibits in the future. We are actively searching for an engine which will replicate the Rock Island engines that traveled through Eldon. While we have located one, the logistics of getting it delivered to its site in front of the caboose in Eldon is challenging. We are determined to make it a reality.

Sidewalk and Play Area

We have a new sidewalk leading to the depot from 4th Street, making it more accessible to foot traffic and connecting to the walking trail. The wooden play structures have been moved temporarily to allow for the construction of a new playscape area. The site will be constructed with pavers and will simulate road and railway, utilizing the current signals to make a realistic play area. Once the base is in place, the wooden play structures will be returned to the site. Children will then be able to pretend to drive the tractor and wagon on the roadway and the train on the railroad track. While these structures have been a favorite play site in the past, the new base will make it more realistic for the children and facilitate their involvement at the depot.

Jerry Fackler Trust Funding Update

The depot has also purchased a vacant building adjacent to depot property. It is currently used as an annex to the depot. The depot committee received additional funds for this property from the Jerry Fackler Trust for which we are very grateful. Work has begun on a memorial honoring Jerry Fackler for his generosity to the Eldon Depot. We hope to have it in place in the very near future.

A recent story published in the Des Moines Register tells of how the Depot became the recipient of this profoundly generous support. We encourage to you to read it.

Bake Sale

The depot committee held another successful bake sale on May 9th. We wish to thank those who donated baked items for us, as well as those who bought our goodies. It was a great time getting together with members of the community. We love it when the depot is full of visitors and friends. Thanks to all.

Gothic Days Celebration

The depot will be participating in Gothic Days, June 12-14, again this year. Watch for our train in the parade on Saturday morning. We will be open each day during the festivities. This would be a great time to pay us a visit.

Expanded Summer Hours

The depot will be expanding open hours for the summer season. We will be open on Saturday and Sunday afternoons from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM beginning on May 23rd. We will also continue to be open Monday through Friday mornings from 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM for coffee.