~Fall 2007~

Caboose is opened to the public!

After its arrival at the museum four years ago, our caboose has undergone extensive restoration and refinishing, but up until recently, the public was able to appreciate only our work on the exterior. Now, with the completion of our interior work, the entire caboose can be enjoyed by all...Stop in and have a look.

Hobo Stew on October 13th

The annual Hobo Stew feed will be held on Saturday, October 13, 2007, beginning at 5:00 PM. Enjoy the food and fellowship until everyone has had enough...both food and fellowship!

Caboose refurbishing nears completion

New window glass has been installed in our caboose, and painting of the interior is nearly complete. Soon the caboose will be available for the public to tour.

Plaques presented for display at the depot

On the 19th of May, 2007, Steve Roe accepted on behalf of the Eldon Depot Committee, two special plaques that were presented in honor and recognition of two longtime members of the Eldon railroad community. Jim Conrad was honored for his 39 years of service with the railroad, and F. (Sandy) Lutz was remembered for his 40 years as a switchman at Eldon. In the first photo, Jim Conrad (left) holds his plaque, while Jim Shepp holds the plaque honoring his grandfather, Sandy Lutz. The middle photo shows Jim Conrad and his wife presenting Jim's plaque to the depot's Steve Roe. The photo on the right shows Jim Shepp with his daughter presenting the plaque honoring his grandfather.

Depot memorabilia available now or soon

Maroon T-shirts with the Rock Island logo on the chest and Eldon on the sleeve are now available. Coffee mugs with photo of Don Pools will be available in the near future. Contact us for details.