Rock Island Engine 1275 leads the train

The 1275 Engine has been a favorite photo shoot all summer. We have had many visitors who have had the honor of blowing the horn. It is a familiar sound from long ago to many who still live in the small town of Eldon. Some of us remember running down the street to wave at the train when you heard the horn. The original Rock Island flat car which links the engine and caboose has received a new oak top. The three make an impressive “train”.

Other Improvements

The Annex building has been painted red, to match the depot. Visitors can now tell they belong together. Artist Roger Miller has completed his latest mural on the side of the Annex building. It is a beautiful representation of the Golden State Rocket. The Rocket stopped to pick up passengers at the depot in Eldon on its way from Chicago to Los Angeles. In February of 1968, the Golden State Rocket was the last passenger train to stop in Eldon.

The development of the greenspace located between the depot and the annex building is nearly completed. All of the concrete work is finished, grass, trees and shrubs have been planted and the extension of the rail fence is in progress. It is beginning to look like a park.

We feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to make these improvements. We believe all of it is an asset to the community and lives up to our vision of preserving this bit of railroad history for future generations.