In Remembrance...

Jim Conrad - an engineer who retired from the Rock Island Line after 39 years of service, lived in Eldon with his wife, Fran. Jim enjoyed the distinction of being the oldest living representative of the engineers who called Eldon home until his passing in 2008.

Harold Fligg - retired from his career as railroad conductor with the Rock Island Line in 1978. Though he passed away in 2012, his family continues their generous support of the Depot in his memory.

Sandy Lutz - spent a 40 year career as switchman at Eldon.

Steve Roe - retired from the Union Pacific Railroad after having worked as an engineer for the Rock Island. He played a major role in the development of the Eldon Depot we enjoy today, and after his passing in 2012, his two daughters, Becky Taylor and Robin Honomichl, have assumed important roles in the Eldon Depot organization.

Bill Scott - worked as an engineer for the Rock Island Line until its abandonment in 1980. In addition to serving as the Depot Committee treasurer until his passing in 2006, he played the primary role in restoring our caboose.

Don Snyder - a longtime friend of the Depot and dedicated caretaker of the Eldon Cemetery, he passed away in 2012. His family continues their generous support of the Depot in his memory.

Jim Bedford - worked as a conductor for the Rock Island Line until it ceased operations. He was one of the original four who purchased the depot and worked on its restoration. He served as vice president and president of the board of directors. He was widely known in the community as a servant to the depot and numerous other organizations.

Merle Sedore - served as vice-president and treasurer for the Eldon Depot Committee. He also was depot manager. In this role he served coffee and donuts Monday through Friday at the depot for the local coffee group. He was the first to be called for tours or to open the depot on off-hours and also volunteered to cover week-end hours. He was a loyal volunteer who spent many hours working for the depot. Merle began working for the Rock Island Railroad in November 1958, before he served his country in the army from 1963-1965. He returned to the railroad in Eldon, concluding his career in March of 1980, when the Rock Island Lines closed.